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Hello There!

Hello there! I’m Maya Vertigans, the woman behind the eco virtual assistant business, Planner Bee VA Services. Having experience running my own sustainable gifting business, I understand the struggles of running a purpose-led business and trying to juggle benefiting the environment whilst also running a successful business.

From Ethical Product Business to Eco Virtual Assistant

Whilst running my own eco-friendly gifting business, I was keen to learn as much as possible and undertook courses and workshops on all aspects of business, from social media and SEO to content creation and admin. Over time, all this learning combined with my love of writing and degree from the University of Edinburgh took me to the point that I began helping other entrepreneurs to run their ethical businesses and reach their goals. I began working as an eco Virtual Assistant, I just didn’t know that this was what I was doing. 

I began to realise that supporting other eco-friendly businesses was something I was really passionate about and by supporting purpose-led businesses, I was able to help my clients create a greater environmental impact. In February 2021 I decided I wanted to grow to support more purpose-led businesses and officially launch my eco virtual assistant business, Planner Bee VA Services.

Virtual Assistant Maya with a bunch of flowers

Now it is my mission to support you as you run your business, helping you to smash your goals (whatever they may be) and feel more fulfilled in the process.

"Planner Bee VA Services are efficient, fast yet thorough, and very professional. All work has been carried out to a high standard... If you are looking for an efficient VA then I'd highly recommend Maya at Planner Bee VA services."

Kym Eagle

Our Values as an Eco Virtual Assistant Service:

Helping to grow your sustainable business, so that you can help save the planet.

By 2030 climate change could be IRRIVERSIBLE! After watching Blue Planet, my eyes opened to the climate crisis and the fact that we are damaging our planet beyond repair, I felt compelled to do something to help. As part of my journey to become more eco-friendly, I founded my own sustainable gifting business. Although I pivoted to start running a Virtual Assistant service alongside my gifting business, my passion for sustainability remained unchanged and Planner Bee VA Services specialises in supporting ethical and sustainable small businesses. 

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As an eco Virtual Assistant service, our most fundamental core value is being ethical in everything we do and supporting our clients to be as sustainable as possible. Sustainability and ethics are at the core of everything we do at Planner Bee VA Services. We are passionate about benefiting the environment in every way we can and continually work to educate and inspire other businesses to operate in a planet-friendly manner. We can help you to grow and scale your business whilst keeping sustainability at its core, helping you to achieve both your environmental and financial goals. 

For value-led businesses, I know how vital it is to bring somebody onto your team that shares your ethical ethos. You can trust that Planner Bee VA Services shares your knowledge and passion for sustainability, and this will shine through in all of the tasks we complete for you and your business.

Eco Virtual Assistant Service going Above and Beyond to make your life Easier

Our second core value at Planner Bee Services is to do everything we can do to make your life easier. I understand what it takes to run a purpose-led business and this is invaluable in my work as an eco Virtual Assistant. In my work as your Virtual Assistant, I will get to know you and your business on a deep level so that I can offer innovative ideas and plans to help you to achieve your goals.

Running a purpose-led business can be highly stressful but we can provide support to alleviate your stress by taking on some of your workload, leaving you more time to work on areas of the business you enjoy, or to grow and scale your business. You can rely on us to ease the burden of running a business, we will become part of your team, bring professionalism and reliability, completing tasks on time and continually striving to go above and beyond.

Our high quality service means that you can not only trust us to get the job done as your eco Virtual Assistant, but also to exceed your expectations. We will make your life easier by taking on some of your workload, so that you can have more time off or time to work on growing and scaling your ethical business. 

Your Eco Virtual Assistant will be your Biggest Cheerleader

Ethical Virtual Assistant Maya

Being your Virtual Assistant isn’t just about taking on extra tasks and helping you with your workload, it is also about supporting you as an entrepreneur with your business journey. I will join you on your business journey, providing moral support and celebrating your wins and successes with you. Being a Business Woman can be a lonely lifestyle. But as your eco Virtual Assistant, I will be your biggest cheerleader. I will be by your side on both the good and bad days to provide support and encouragement and also as a sounding board, that you can bounce ideas off. 

As your eco Virtual Assistant, I won’t just be your Content Creator, Admin Assistant or Social Media Manager, I will be your biggest cheerleader, always there to help and support you in any way I can.

How Planner Bee VA Services can support your business as your eco Virtual Assistant

When you are running a purpose-led small business, your team is a vital part of the business. It is therefore so important that your team share and embody your business values. We are hugely passionate about sustainability and believe that this passion and alignment with your ethical business values will shine through in everything that we do for your business, helping you to build your authentic brand voice. 

Services you can delegate to us as your eco Virtual Assistant:

If you are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant, with a passion for sustainability who can help you to reach and exceed your goals, Planner Bee VA Services could be the eco Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business.

Bee ready to grow...