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How to get Involved in Earth Day 2022 as a Small Business Owner

What does Earth Day 22 mean for you, as a small business owner?

Earth Day is the largest civic observance in the world – a time where we all come together to seriously consider how we can invest in our planet. This year’s earth day will be from Friday 22nd April to Sunday 24th April. Earth Day is celebrated to raise awareness and give support where possible for environmental projects around the world – and it can be as fun as you make it!

Why should I get involved in Earth Day 2022?

Since Earth Day started in 1970, we have witnessed major changes to our environment – now more than ever it is important to get involved in any way you can! As of March 2021, there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than there ever has been at any point in human history. Average wildlife populations in the last 50 years have fallen by 60% due to climate change and increasingly hostile environments. It is clear that we are in a climate emergency.

You may have only been involved in Earth Day as a child or as an individual and never thought you could use your ethical small business to make a difference! Apart from being a great way to help the environment together as a planet – it also has great business benefits as well. Not only will it attract your ideal customers who share your sustainable goals and values, but it increases brand authenticity as well! 

Something as simple as using sustainable materials goes a long way in attracting ideal clients and customers – did you know that 73% of millennials (the hardest generation to please) said that they would pay more for sustainable products?

How can I get involved in Earth Day 2022 as a small business owner?

As a small business owner, there are plenty of ways to get involved in Earth Day 22, we at PlannerBee VA Services have mapped out a few of our favourite ways that you can get stuck in, help the planet, and your small business!

Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint for your small business

Now, more than ever, it is important to know how much energy and resources you are using – how can we be aware of the effect we are having on our planet if we do not check and estimate the impact of our actions? This Carbon Footprint Calculator can give you an idea of how much you are affecting your planet and offer suggestions on how to reduce it! You can also take a look at our free Sustainability checklist to find out how else you could be helping the planet and attracting conscious consumers.

Because a green future is a prosperous future.”

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Share your sustainability goals and values to attract ideal clients

Simply sharing your personal values with your ideal clients and customers can go a long way in helping the environment. Especially if you have ethical practices linked to your environment and sustainability goals! We are motivated to do the things we set out to do, especially when they are visible for everyone to see! Why not share your sustainability goals to attract your ideal clients and motivate them to work with you on helping the planet! 

“The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally.” -Dalai Lama

Create an eco-working guide for your small business

How can you and your small business make sure that you are helping the environment this earth day? Creating an eco-working guide can be very beneficial to your brand authenticity as a sustainable small business and is very easy to start! Setting out your guide can be as simple as pledging to reduce food waste, using eco-friendly electrical appliances or aiming to go as paperless as possible by hiring an eco-friendly Virtual Assistant who shares your values.

Celebrating Earth Day as a small business owner

They say charity starts at home, so why not look locally at your community and the environmental initiatives they may need help with? Getting in touch with local representatives and doing your bit for your local community is a great way to help the environment this Earth Day and attract ideal clients and customers. 

You could also visit a recycling site, set conservation goals or support local small businesses that share your values. Creating a network of like-minded ethical and sustainable businesses can benefit your community as well as the environment! 

Getting involved in Earth Day 2022

No matter how you choose to celebrate Earth Day as a small business owner, it is never too late to get involved! As a sustainable business owner, you and your small business are not just environmentally friendly for 3 days out of the year. We understand that your care for the environment is constant and that is what makes this special time so essential not only for the environment and your small business.

Your sustainable business is not just environmentally friendly for 3 days of the year but this special time is essential for the environment and your small business. Our planet should be celebrated every day and we should always be taking care of our Earth while we still have her.

Discover how you can get ready for Earth Day with your very own sustainability checklist here

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