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As an eco Virtual Assistant service, we are passionate about supporting fellow sustainable businesses. We believe in collaboration over competition and aim to help purpose-led businesses to thrive, so that together we can have an even bigger impact on the world!

Complete the form below to be among the first sustainable small businesses to be part of the directory when we launch (it’s free).

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How to join the Sustainable Small Business Directory?

  1. Enter your details in the form above.
  2. Click onto the Google Forms link and submit a 100 word description of your business and an accompanying image of your product/ service.
  3. Keep an eye on your emails and look out for an email letting you know when your Directory submission is live.
  4. Connect with Planner Bee VA Services on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn so that if we give your business a wee shoutout, you don’t miss it!
  5. Connect with the other sustainable businesses that are part of the Directory, expand your network and see if you can collaborate to help each other.

Terms and Conditions: Planner Bee VA Services do not endorse any of the businesses included within the Sustainable Small Business Directory. View the full list of terms and conditions here.