The decline of copywriters in 2023 and the rise of AI generated content

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Chat GPT, the newest AI platform, is everywhere at the moment. This all singing, all dancing AI platform can write content for small businesses that you can use for everything, from social media posts to blogs and emails. Simply type in your question and Chat GPT will use algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide content to answer this question, instantly and for free. Content is at the core of digital marketing for small businesses and AI generated content has never been so accessible for small business owners. Surely the rise of AI generated content spells the end for copywriters in 2023?

The Rise of AI Generated Content for Small Businesses in 2023

AI generated content is the talk of the town at the moment and it isn’t difficult to see why… Chat GPT has made AI generated content accessible for the first time and it’s got small business owners excited, copywriters are worried about their careers and there is a surge of new content being added to the internet as a result. The new AI platform can generate blog content that would take copywriters hours to create, it can generate social media content and email newsletters and even give you inspiration for blog titles and social media post topics. 

Copywriters cannot compete with the instant content generated by AI platforms.

Copywriters cannot offer their services for free like the AI platforms. 

Copywriters do not have an infinite knowledge about all topics and industries, like the AI platforms do.

Does this mean that as technology advances, it’s time for copywriters to close their laptops and find a new career?

Copywriters Vs AI Generated Content

AI generated content means the end for copywriters. Platforms like Chat GPT use artificial intelligence and algorithms to create long form content instantly and copywriters just cannot compete with this. If you are happy with content that has been written artificially, without creativity or human connection, that only a human can bring, then AI generated content can absolutely replace your copywriter.

But if you are looking to utilise compelling content in your marketing that is written in your brand voice, to really connect with your ideal clients, this is where copywriters really come into their own and AI generated content struggles to compete. Despite the advances in AI technology, the human brain remains the most powerful computer in the world and artificial intelligence cannot (yet) rival this.

Brain made of AI tech circuits

Can AI Generated Content Replace Working with a Copywriter?

In order to bring to life the difference between AI generated content and working with a copywriter, I typed the above question into Chat GPT and this is the result:

Copywriting is a specialized skill that involves creating persuasive, engaging, and effective written content for marketing and advertising purposes. AI generated content can often lack the creativity, nuance, and human touch that makes copywriting so impactful. Additionally, copywriters bring a deep understanding of target audiences, marketing goals, and brand voice to their work, which is difficult for AI to replicate. While AI can be used to generate content quickly, it cannot replace the strategic and creative thinking of a human copywriter.”

There is no denying that the AI generated content is concise and it answers the question, if in quite a bland way. As a copywriter, I have rewritten the AI generated content below:

Copywriting isn’t just about putting words on a piece of paper, it is about connecting with the reader and using words to take the reader on a journey that makes them feel something. Copywriting is all about that personal touch, that really draws the reader in and helps them to know, like and trust you. AI generated content just can’t do this. A copywriter doesn’t just answer a question based on algorithms. They immerse themselves in your brand first to gain an understanding of your ideal clients and business goals and they bring all of this into your copy. Copy that is written not just FOR you, but copy that has been written to sound LIKE you. AI generated content has undoubtedly carved out a place for itself within the digital marketing world but it lacks the passion and creativity that is at the heart of all good copy.

Search Engine Optimisation and AI Generated Content

“The introduction of AI content with mainstream access via platforms such as chatGPT has resulted in a glut of homogenous content flooding the internet. People are using AI generators to produce content for the sake of it rather than with purpose or giving real value, which is what google is ultimately looking for. From an SEO perspective you should focus on producing original and unique content, which a copywriter will be an expert in. That being said, AI tools can help to provide inspiration and structure for content writing, but they could never be a replacement for original opinion and forward looking thought leadership – which will always be rewarded by Google.” Pamela Rae-Welsh, Online Visibility Specialist.

Utilising AI Generated Content in your Small Business

Unless you like your content to be bland and not very memorable, AI generated content cannot replace working with a copywriter. However, AI generated content can still be a powerful tool that you can utilise within your small business. 

If you are working on a social media post, blog or email newsletter but are staring at a blank piece of paper, struggling to know where to begin, then using AI generated content can help to get those creative juices flowing. The AI generated content can give you ideas of points you could include in the article and give you the inspiration you need to get into the groove of writing the content.

Additionally, AI generated content can help you to come up with blog and social media post ideas if you are drawing a blank and are struggling to come up with content ideas. For example, whilst working on this article I typed into Chat GPT “Copywriting blog titles” and the AI platform generated 10 possible options for me. It is worth bearing in mind that the platform could generate the same titles for multiple searches, so I would recommend tweaking the blog title to make the article as relevant to your business as possible.

My Chat GPT search returned the blog title:

Building a unique brand voice through copywriting.

If I was going to create content on this blog topic, I would tweak the question to make the article more relevant for the Planner Bee VA Services community:

5 Ways to build a unique brand voice for your ethical business through copywriting.

The role of Copywriters and AI Generated Content for Small Businesses in 2023

There is definitely a place for small businesses to be utilising AI generated content in 2023. However, rather than replacing copywriters, AI content is currently serving a different role centred around providing ideas and inspiration, to get those creative juices flowing. Content is at the heart of digital marketing for small businesses and currently, the personal touch and creativity that copywriters bring is unrivalled. Your content can build relationships with your ideal clients, it can build trust and increase conversions (and income). Or your content can be bland answers to questions based on algorithms. Which would you choose?

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