Virtual Assistant Aberdeen/ Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Planner Bee VA Services are a leading Virtual Assistant Service based in Aberdeen, supporting businesses around Scotland, so that you have more time and less stress.

Bee ready to grow your business with a Scottish VA:

“Planner Bee VA Services are efficient, fast yet thorough and very professional. Since we decided to work with them our team has been able to focus on more critical tasks, focussing our time on growing the business. If you are a small business looking for an efficient VA then I’d highly recommend Maya at Planner Bee VA Services”

James Hamilton, Aberdeen

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Having a Virtual Assistant is like having a PA, we are here to make your life easier as your biggest cheerleader. Instead of hiring a PA, a lower-risk alternative is to outsource to a VA. As a Virtual Assistant Service, we primarily operate virtually, but for our Aberdeen-based clients we also have the option to grab a cuppa and meet in person.

Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

If you are turning down clients due to lack of time; need marketing support but don’t want to take on a full-time employee or, if you are stuck working IN your business and don’t have time to work ON your business, now could be the perfect time to start working with a Virtual Assistant.

How can a VA help me?

At Planner Bee VA Services, we specialise in helping our clients to create a buzz with their digital marketing through social media management, website and blog copywriting and email marketing.

We can help you take your business to the next level by giving you more time, less stress and better marketing results, so that you have the time, headspace and online presence you need to grow your business.

Ethical Virtual Assistant Maya

20 of the Most Inspiring Scottish Business Women

For International Women's Day 2022, Aberdeen-based Founder Maya was thrilled to be featured by Insider.co.uk as one of 20 women in business doing great work in Scotland today.

Scottish Women's Awards 2022 Finalist

As part of the 4th Scottish Women's Awards 2022, Founder Maya was nominated as a Finalist in the Young Entrepreneur category and was recognised with the Highly Commended award.

Looking for a Virtual Assistant based in Aberdeen, Scotland?

Planner Bee VA Services is based in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. We operate virtually so can provide copywriting, social media management, email marketing and administrative services to businesses across Scotland and the United Kingdom. But, if you are based in Aberdeen and want to catch up in person, we know a few local cafes that make great meeting locations (Books and Beans is a personal favourite): 

"I hired Planner Bee VA services following a local Aberdeen networking event where I met Maya and heard about her business. She was tasked with reviewing website content and other social media profiles. The work was not straightforward as IT support was needed along the way. Maya was happy to lead on this to progress the work. Very satisfied that what was asked for has been delivered. Thank you"

Brian Shanks, Aberdeen

Grow your business with the support of one of Scotland’s leading Virtual Assistant Services.

How much time do you spend feeling frustrated in your business because you are stuck working on things you don’t enjoy and if you are really honest, maybe aren’t very good at? Digital marketing can be one of those things, it sucks your time and it can feel like you aren’t making any progress. As your Virtual Assistant, we can support you with your digital marketing, to boost your online presence, free up your time and help you to grow your client base and your business.

Let’s chat about how we can help support you: