How can a Virtual Assistant help your Ethical Business?

If you (or your team) are feeling overwhelmed, struggling to get through your never ending to-do list and finding you never quite manage to take time off, then now might be the perfect time to take on a Virtual Assistant to support your ethical business.

As an eco Virtual Assistant service, we will not only share your purpose-led approach to business help you gain extra time by taking on some of your workload, but we will also be your biggest cheerleader!

How can a Virtual Assistant Support Your Business?

We have experience working with SMEs of all sizes, from solopreneurs to start ups and growing businesses with 60+ employees. No matter what stage your business is at, we can support you to grow and reach your business and sustainability goals through providing a range of services including copywriting, email marketing, social media and admin.

Copywriting Services

  • Researching and writing blog posts or website pages on topics of your choice with a clear keyword focus to increase your chances of being found on Google. 
  • Creating email newsletters to engage with your current clients and attract your ideal clients.
  • Proofreading content to make sure that everything from the tone of the copy and the adjectives we choose, to the differentiations between colons and semicolons, is as perfect as it can be.
  • Researching and summarising industry news so you are ahead of the trends, always.
  • Keyword research to increase your search engine ranking.
  • Helping you to optimise your content for SEO to help your website get found on Google.
  • Copywriting content that matches your brand tone, so our words sound just like you.
  • Creating PDF documents and brochures that allow you to easily share information with your ideal clients. 
Notebook with pen and houseplant
Hand holding a phone taking a photo of a plant

Social Media Management

  • Creating social media content including creating captions and sourcing stock images to accompany posts on your website
  • Creating branded social media graphics on Canva 
  • Brainstorming post topics and creating a social media plan to schedule and post your social media content
  • Repurposing other content (e.g. blogs and email newsletters) into social media posts
  • Tracking social media analytics to help you keep on top of trends and keep your brand visible and relevant
  • Engaging with your ideal clients on your social media platforms to help increase brand awareness and following
  • Hashtag research

Email Marketing

  • Creating branded email newsletters on your chosen email marketing software
  • Copywriting engaging email newsletter content in your brand voice, to connect with your ideal clients
  • Compiling an email marketing strategy to help you generate leads and covert clients through email
  • Copywriting and designing lead magnet guides, brochures and PDF resources
  • Building and copywriting landing pages
  • Copywriting and setting up automation sequences including welcome sequences, abandoned cart sequences and post-purchase sequences
  • Setting up your email marketing software from scratch or supporting the migration to a new email marketing software
  • Copywriting email marketing communications for a launch or specific campaign

“Maya is an integral part of my business. She is extremely organised and has very strong systems that help her support my business. She has very strong ethics and knows how to get the best out of you and your business in the given frame of time. Maya is very organised and meticulous. She has all the desirable qualities you could look for in a solid VA. I personally wouldn't be able to run my business or function without Maya.”

Mrinalini Raman

Ready to grow your business with the help of a Virtual Assistant?