Virtual Assistant Sustainability Policy

Planner Bee VA Services Sustainability Objectives

  • Monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of the business.
  • Investing proceeds only in ‘green’ banks – those not supporting fossil fuels.
  • Promote sustainable initiatives among clients and staff members. 
  • Ensure all decisions are made with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability Policy

In order to best fulfil the sustainability objectives of Planner Bee VA Services, and to commit to all business being carried in line with sustainable development, the business will ensure to:


  • Aim to do work with clients who have an up-to-date sustainability policy and encourage those without to put one in place.
  • Ensure any business funds are invested in certified banks which do not have dealings with industries which have a negative impact on the environment, such as fossil fuels. 
  • Establish the current carbon footprint of the business and ways to reduce this.
  • Monitor any progress to establish the most effective steps.
  • Spread awareness about the importance of sustainability.

Practical Steps

To help ensure the Policy requirements are met, we will act to:

  • Find out whether our clients have sustainability policies in place, and when this is not the case encourage them to create and provide one.
  • Ensure all clients are aware of the sustainability policy and any further steps they can take to improve the sustainability of their business.
  • Ensure any funds generated through the business and any profits are invested in banks which do not support unsustainable industries. This will be done through online research. (Find Ethical & Sustainable Banks In Your Area – Bank.Green)
  • Use social media to encourage people to take part in sustainable initiatives whilst spreading awareness about key environmental issues, such as the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis, always using suitable language to represent the gravity of the current situation.
  • Monitor the carbon footprint of the business and reduce this in a sustained way, for example through a carbon offsetting scheme
  • Make sure all members of staff are aware of the sustainability policy and the sustainability objectives of the business, and where they can easily access the policy stating these.

Find out more about our values as an ethical Virtual Assistant Service: