Virtual Assistant Email Marketing Services

Email marketing could be THE main way you build relationships, nurture your ideal clients and grow your business pipeline. 

Email marketing could be your biggest driver of sales in 2023. 

Or, email marketing could be just another item on your I’ll-never-quite-get-round-to-do list.

Do you have an email list that has been left languishing? Or maybe starting an email list has been on your to-do list forever? 99% of your customers are checking their emails every single day, so email marketing can be a direct route to building relationships with your ideal clients. But, sending one email and then disappearing is likely to do very little, like much of digital marketing, consistency is key when it comes to growing and nurturing your email list.

That’s where we can help.

3 Reasons why you should choose Planner Bee VA Services as your Email Marketing Maestro

  1. You don’t have time. If you haven’t set up an email list before now or have only been sending out emails once in a blue moon, I’m guessing you don’t really have time for email marketing. If email marketing is a plate that you just cannot keep spinning, we can take care of everything from getting you set up on an email marketing platform to creating lead magnets and copywriting weekly emails.
  2. Build your pipeline, generate leads, convert clients. At the end of the day, a big part of running a business is about making sales, and through email marketing, we can help you do just that.
  3. Less stress. Instead of continuing to put email marketing on your to-do-list and then beating yourself up about not having time to tick it off, by outsourcing your email marketing to Planner Bee VA Services, you can trust that you will regularly be showing up in the inbox of your ideal client. Instead of worrying about your email marketing, you can free up headspace to focus on growing your business.

Don’t just take our word for it…

"Working with Maya has been great, over the past 5/6months we have primarily focused on email marketing and I love that she uses her own initiative meaning I can focus on the rest of the business with full confidence of her delivery great work on time."

Laura Mount

Virtual Assistant Email Marketing Services:

  • Creating branded email newsletters on your chosen email marketing software
  • Copywriting engaging email newsletter content in your brand voice, to connect with your ideal clients
  • Compiling an email marketing strategy to help you generate leads and covert clients through email
  • Copywriting and designing lead magnet guides, brochures and PDF resources
  • Building and copywriting landing pages
  • Copywriting and setting up automation sequences including welcome sequences, abandoned cart sequences and post-purchase sequences
  • Setting up your email marketing software from scratch or supporting the migration to a new email marketing software
  • Copywriting email marketing communications for a launch or specific campaign

Could email marketing help you to take your business to the next level?

Client Email Marketing Results


Increase in click rate (compared with industry benchmark)


Increase in click through rate (compared with industry benchmark)


Increase in open rate (compared with industry benchmark)

How does working with an Email Marketing VA work?

Whether you are starting an email list from scratch, growing your list or nurturing your email subscribers, Planner Bee VA Services can support you with every aspect of your email marketing. As part of this, we offer a range of monthly email marketing packages in addition to offering ad hoc email marketing support.

So, you have decided to work with Planner Bee VA Services as your Email Marketing VA. What’s next?

Infographic showing how you can work with us
Infographic showing how you can work with us
  1. Book a discovery call to chat through your project and find out how you can benefit from support with your email marketing.
  2. Following the call, we will send a proposal for the email marketing project discussed during our call.
  3. Once you have approved the proposal, we will immerse ourselves in your previous email campaigns and existing website and social media content, learning everything we can about your business and brand.
  4. We will combine our knowledge of your brand with our email marketing and copywriting experience and training, to create your engaging email marketing strategy and content.
  5. After an opportunity for you to request any amends, your new email marketing campaign will be good to go and ready to start nurturing your ideal clients.

Growing your Small Business with Email Marketing Support from a Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner, trying to stay consistent with your email marketing whilst also being visible on social media, regularly updating your website content and working on growing your business can result in a never-ending (and quite overwhelming) to-do list. If email marketing is just one task too many, that you know could be valuable for your business but never get around to doing, working with a VA on your email marketing could be the answer. As your Virtual Assistant, we can help you to consistently show up for your ideal clients, nurture leads and grow your pipeline via email marketing, whilst simultaneously freeing up your time, so that you can focus on growing your business.